My brain is fizzled!

I know I havent updated in a while but for the past 4/5 days solid I've been learning the Hiragana alphabet. It's going surprisingly well I have currently got 34 to heart, and its only 4 o'clock so there's plenty of time to squeeze in a few more before bed time!

I haven't exactly been making it any easier either, I purposefully mix them up so that I'm not revising the ORDER instead of the actual character so I've been a busy bee! My calligraphy leaves much to be desired though!

wow!! Big flash and thunder through my window there o_0 (.....crappy weather!)

Anyways I'll have to keep focused when I think of how long its taken me to learn 34 and there's the Katakana alphabet afterwards >.< 
I think I'll take my breakfast break now, lol, I got up and straight for the computer (Old student habits!)

Roll on number 35.....

Shopping today!!!

Wow today was SO much fun :D 
I got a lovely easterny top like the top half of a kimono type of top :$ (by the way im wearing my silk kimono hehe)
I also showed my dad my new china teacup and herbal greentea to which he replied "I was born into the wrong culture"
Damn right!

I also bought brown/pink converse on sale, they are awesome! I think i have like 12 pairs now (only 3 are chuck taylor though)
Have to post a piccie i just have too many of shopping lol

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So i was on a vegan forum a while ago and one of the posts was about "Aspartame" one of my old friends from my old journal on "Dead Journal" had an add in his profile of diet coke with a big line through it. I read all about this sweetener a few years ago but didnt really absorb any of it (or understand most of it) but now that i do understane it, its really freaking me out!!!

I drink alot of  fresh OJ but sometimes worry i'll pop up in hives and opt for fizzy flavored water or diet coke, both of which I've noticed contain Aspartame! Eeek!!

Screw that more water and fresh juices/smoothies and black tea for me I aint drinkin that crap again >.<

Also for those of you that don't know, that new sugar substitue SPLENDA has lactose in it, nearly put the bloody thing in my tea a few weeks ago. Stupid small writing....
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Berry Smoothie

I've made an effort to try something even though I probably won't be able to taste a thing! Instead of using up all the fruit my mum got me by eating it and risking a very messy bedroom floor. I thought "Hey! why not trick my stomach!?" 
And thats just what I did!

What else could be better for the flu? Except maybe not having it....

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Have any of you (that smoke that is) been so sick you cant have a cigarette? I am LOADED with the flu and it hurts when I swallow 
My mum bought me lights and also did a marvellous job of listen to me whine. I feel quite sorry for her, I hope she slept okay. I finally did last night, but thats because I went to bed at around 3am, and woke up at 8 :/

Oh well 5 hours is definetly better than 1 or 2 so like yesterday >.<

I need a cigarette =-(   ...dam dam dam it!

The only other thing is I haven't been eating that much lately and lost a bit of weight (as did my dad)
Last week (when we had the BBQ and i found the fish in our pond!) I did my mum and me baked potatoes and then BBQ'd them for flavour. They were really really nice, but I didn't feel well all night, and Im not sleeping so i couldnt sleep it out :(

Its been happening all week! and its really freaking me out! I haven't had sushi in ages so I made my own vegan version using rice with cucumber, asparagus, carrot, baby corn and mushrooms. as soon as i ate the first piece it started coming back up. My mum 
and dad are really freaking because I lost quite a lot of weight when I became vegan. So i've mostly been eating plain salads, plain vegetables and plain soups the past few days and it's taking its toll, i feel so dizzy and blocked up when I walk around. I haven't had that weird fluttery feeling after eating until last night but I told my mum I'd try something new today.
So she's ringing me later to discuss what I want. I was thinking a filled wholegrain pitta or something.... i dont want wheaten bread, I love it! but its way too heavy and I'd like my dinner to stay where it belongs!

Should be interesting anyways the salad vinagrettes during the week made my stomach litterally groan when I smelt it so it will 
be nice to liven things up, maybe some pickle would do the trick! Yummy :D

I hope I feel okay after this flu has gone, my mum seems to think that my stomach is full of crap and flemme or whatever its called, which is why not only am i not hungry but i feel full right away. STUPID FLU!!!! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS PICK ME!!??

I overload on Vitamin C for peats sake! Im surprised im not a human living hive!!



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I haven't hit puberty and I have a magical fish!!!!

Excuse the title I thought it was somewhat appropiate for this post is a random one. I'll explain....
Remember the dinner disaster I just posted about? Well I forgot to mention that at the end of that horrendous "dinner" (we'll call it that to amuse the chef) the lady came over with our bill and after handing a table full of kids 'fun packs' proceeded to hand me one. I didn't even see her to be honest I only looked up when 'N' and his mum burst out laughing. The lady couldn't stop apolizing but hey.... I can't get served tobacco let alone alcohol without I.D 
So there you have it I get asked if cigarettes/tobacco are for my MUM when she's behind me, I amuse bouncers at bars and have to stand whilst they point and discuss my passport, and according to restaurant staff, I haven't even hit puberty yet. ROLL ON 19!!!

Anywho one of the many other points of this update I have an invincible magic fish!! Explaination...
I was out checking my veggies and potatoes on the barbeque (why do i bother with them?) and heard a splash in our pond. Now our last fish mysteriously died like the rest months ago, we felt awful thinking their wasnt enough oxygenating plants or something.... so i look over and this big ass fish breaks the surface and plops back in.
This arse stood mouth-open with tongs in hand yelling "Dad dad! Its ALIVEEEE!!!"
*Cringe* we havent put food in since last year (we thought they were all gone >.<) So the ponds clean and filtered and I'm happily feeding my mutated dolphin-fish flakies again :D (what the hell was it eating anyways!!??)
Wonder if i can trade him for some magic beans....?

OH! and lastly my herbs are growning famously!!
Im off to play World of Warcraft to steal some flags in the Battleground, hehehehe.....

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Dinner Disaster

Ugh i hate summer, I feel really sick. Could be last nights dinner (if you could call it that) which I shall get onto rambling about in a 
mo. So anyways....yes its like really warm outside but its that stuffy humid uncomfortable kind of warm. I woke up and my face 
was kinda warm, that usually happens when 
A. I have a fever (which i havent had in YEARS)
B. I have been drinking (which lets be honest until recently was everynight)
Usually when I drink alot (and i mean ALOT) i wake up with roaring cheeks. I havent drank in a while and somehow i feel like the morning after and its PISSING me off!
I have a shitty day ahead of me....

SO last nights dinner haha...yeh. Well me and 'N' went down to go to springsteens (american diner place - which surprisingly 
has a few vegan alternatives and it always comes AS I ORDER IT!) But oh wait 2 new places have opened across the road, 
one of which was highly recommended by N's mum. So we go in, check menu, everything seems okay, sit down and 'N's' 
mum rings so we decide to invite her and have a nice cold pepsi and wait. Half an hour later were all there and ready to order.
I decide to opt for the mixed salad and their veggie selections of the day. No butter, dairy or dressings please im vegan. Apparently 
no problem with the waitress she will "TALK" to the chef. 

(Round one) 
Mixed salad comes with coleslaw and some sort of creamy dressing (which when white im highly skeptical about)
SENT BACK. Coleslaw? what is mayonnaise not dairy WTF!?

(Round two)
Salad comes back plain (insert applause)
I find out when i poke around the letuce is off so i eat the cherry tomatoes.

(Round three)
Veg of the day appears plastered in butter
(I quickly explain vegan means i dont eat dairy A.K.A BUTTER!)

(Round four)
Veg comes out 20 mins later (by which point everyones finished and ive sucesfully had cherry tomatoes 
the whole day and its 6:30pm)
Veg is shrivelled, overcooked, tastes weird and I find a big black clump of something at the bottom.

So needless to say Im not very happy, plus 'N's' mashed potatoes looked like they'd been fried on the bottom so 
im assuming they were on the hot plate for over an hour.

Can you believe that? For a NEW restaurant/hotel establishment that has quite expensive prices!!??
Should have went to the bloody diner. Ive had better Bar/cafe food and waited 5 minutes. I didnt get one
wrong order in PORTUGAL (fish/meat central), and those waitresses could hardly understand me let 
alone what a vegan was.

SUCKY DAY and im hungry still. ANd now i have to go shopping so if you dont hear from me for a week
assume i collapsed.
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Havent updated in aggggeeesss

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

I miss somebody right now.  (my brother :() × I don't watch much TV these days.  (actually i didnt for age and now i am again heh) I own lots of books.  (books rock :))
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (indeed glasses, im SO shortsighted hehe) I love to play video games.  (online games like World of Warcraft) I've tried marijuana.  (and got offered over and over again last night! Not my thing really its horrible)
I've watched porn movies.  (Hell my mum asked me to get the Tommy Lee one hehe) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (i dont think i have :/) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (for me yes, for others maybe not (i know a few))
I curse sometimes.  (well all the time actually... I wish my mum had a penny for every bad word that i say in a day hehe) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.  (thats for sure...) × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.  (i think i own both ones for shaving and the other is a souvenir and as blunt as hell :))
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It's official...

I am completely addicted to World of Warcraft. My Everquest account is cancelled and I spent my wage this week buying the WOW discs off amazon. BUT for some good news! Why did I actually HAVE money this week? Some of you may find this hard to believe but i've actually not had a drink since friday and im feeling great!!! I also have/had money because i didnt blow it all!
The only problem is neil. He phoned on Monday asking if "i wanted to do something", i made an excuse, "okay then tuesday?" made an excuse, "how about wednesday" tried to make another excuse but ended with i'll see how im feeling (im also still unwell yes) Then he went off in a ramble about some apple shots, that are still very potent but go down really easy......I'm trying to cut down my drinking cut it out actually for at least another week or two and he as usual is inviting me out for a piss-up session. Hence my reason for excuses we ALWAYS end up in a bar when he comes out here or we go into town.

Anyways enough rambling! Went shopping yesterday and I actually only bought a t-shirt! Wait for it....its BABY PINK!! its so cute! I hate football and dont follow the championship but the shirt has some chinese/korean/japanese writing and player name with their number...weird i know but it looked good on and it was so cute i had to get it!

Went for a coffee and lunch and we had our usual, me: salad bowl, mum: sausage rolls. All in all a good day although the 2 of us were shattered last night and just lazed in front of the tv, hehe good times!

Love ,
me xox
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